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Sig+ is the complete school data company. Our services will equip you with the knowledge, skills and systems required to make the best use of your data and to take your school to the next level. Our aim is to help you understand your school’s data better than anyone else and to ensure there are no surprises.


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Sig+ helped us to move our school to good (Ofsted 2015). They have expert and detailed knowledge of the challenges schools are currently facing with assessment and accountability. Sig+ spent time listening to the school’s issues, analysing data with school leaders and reviewing our current systems so that we were able to build a clear and concise picture of improvement to present to Ofsted and governors.

Jo Woolley, Headteacher St Mary’s CE VA School, Gloucestershire

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  • Problem with Progress (for Governors): slides and video
    Please click here to download the slides for the ‘Problem with Progress’ webinar for governors run on 23rd Nov 2020 And here’s the link to the video.
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    When Reinhold Messner climbed Everest in 1980, solo and without supplemental oxygen, it marked a watershed in the history of climbing. Prior to this extraordinary achievement – previously considered beyond the realms of human possibility – expeditions were huge and complex affairs requiring military logistics. Hundreds of porters would ferry […]
  • The thorny issue of tracking in Early Years
    Tracking in the Early Years Foundation Stage is a mess. We’re not talking about statutory assessment here – of the Reception Baseline and the Foundation Stage Profile. This is about day-to-day data collection, especially across the reception year, for the purpose of monitoring pupil progress. I use the phrase ‘day-to-day’ […]
  • The problem with progress: a guide
    Six years on from the government announcing its intention to get rid of levels, many schools are still struggling with the issue of how best to measure progress. An increasing number, however, are coming to realise an inconvenient truth: that maybe it just can’t be done and any attempt to […]
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