IDSR+FFT Summary report template

As promised, here is my template that attempts to summarise IDSR and FFT data into 3-4 pages. Obviously you’ll need your IDSR and FFT dashboards, and probably a spare couple of hours. Rather than write a lengthy blog on how to complete it, I’ve supplied an example (see links below).

Difference no. pupils is provided by the IDSR in some cases but where it isn’t, it’s calculated in the usual way:

Work out the % gap between the result and the national figure e.g.

School = 56%, National = 72%, gap = -16%

Convert that to a decimal i.e. -0.16

Multiply that by the number of pupils in the group or cohort (e.g. 28)

28 x -0.16 = -4.48

Therefore the gap equates to 4 pupils (in this case 4 pupils below national).

See notes below the tables for explanations. And tweet me if you get stuck.

Link to blank template is here

Link to completed example is here

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11 thoughts on “IDSR+FFT Summary report template

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  5. Unknown
    on December 4, 2017 at 10:08 am

    Trying to get my head round this so an obvious question alert…. When you report on low, middle, high, are you reporting on overall numbers or the subject specific figures???

  6. James Pembroke
    on December 4, 2017 at 11:32 am

    At KS2 it’s based on overall KS1 APS; KS1 it’s based on specific subject (ELG) at EYFS. Take the numbers from IDSR.

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