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KS2 VA Calculator 2017

By James Pembroke / August 31, 2017 / 16 Comments

Updated basic version of KS2 VA calculator can be downloaded here. and new version with pupil groups tables (progress and average scores) can be downloaded here Please download before use (ie don’t attempt to edit the online version). You should see 3 dots top right of screen – click on these to download to your desktop.…

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The Progress Bank

By James Pembroke / August 18, 2017 / 2 Comments

For primary schools, there are two main issues with the current system of measuring progress: 1) it is high stakes, 2) it involves teacher assessment. Whether we are talking about our own internal tracking systems, or those official end of key stage DfE measures, the former clearly influences the latter. Imagine you are told that you…

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