Primary results summary tool (free download)

It’s been a while.

You can now download a copy of my Primary Results Summary Tool here.

To download, click File>Save As to save a copy to your computer. Please don’t enter data in the online version (it should be locked anyway).

Purpose of this tool is to store all results in one document and compare to relevant national averages. It has columns for 2016-2019, and then 2022. The data is stored in tables and presented in chart form on the following tab. I was going to wait until all national figures were out before sharing but that’ll take ages so I’ve put in the KS2 %EXS figures and you can add the rest as and when they are published. KS2 % achieving high scores/GDS should be out next week; phonics and KS1 in October; EYFSP in November. The spreadsheet is locked but to unlock to add the national figures just right click on the tab at the bottom, select to unlock sheet, and enter password ‘primary’. You don’t need to unlock to enter your school results, by the way.

If you want to add KS2 progress figures, you will need to add the confidence intervals to take advantage of the conditional formatting, which will turn the data green/red depending on whether it’s sig+/-.

The chart view on tab 2 is set to print out over 4 pages but you may need to adjust page break preview to get it to fit. Worth checking first before wasting paper.

Hopefully it will provide governors with a useful summary of your results since 2016 (not including 2020 and 2021).

Feel free to share. Enjoy!

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